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  1. Ig, a while ago i enquired about your share trading platform and to my astonishment you don't provide stop losses, why??
  2. Its all about maximising your losses and minimising your gains
  3. Helllooo IG...... the alerts conditions list needs - "Open high low close" added. Open high low close is in pro order and in pro screener, can you please add O,H,L,C to the alerts condition list too!!!
  4. Hellloooo IG ....Earth to Mars ... are you receiving? The following conditions are badly needed on the conditions list for "alerts" - Open, high, low ,close. Can you please add them cheers v
  5. Kodiak.. thanks for the reply... i am looking for an alert on a close below or above a support or resistance line.. I'm trying to lobby pro real time and ig to get their act together and add "open high low close" in the conditions box... so far no luck
  6. How do i set it up if i am waiting for a trigger close below say support in a period of consolidation?? im am confused /
  7. Hi IG, there is a big problem with the alerts on both the IG platform and Pro real time. There is no- "open close high low" in the alert criteria. It would be a very simple procedure to add these 4 candle aspect to alerts. If someone wants an alert on, say a candle"close" above a resistance level in a consolidation zone it is not possible with the current IG alert set up. Is there any chance IG could add these 4 extremely important criteria to the alert function? Does any traders out there know of any other platform that offers -open high low close in three alert function?
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