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  1. Wow, you're a pious **** aren't you? For one don't assume I'm involved in GME, as I'm not. Also, I'm not over leveraged on any of my positions, I've worked out my entry and exit points and calculated the risk. After all, isn't investing just a calculated risk? I don't buy into any of the viva la revolution BS. Sadly as we have seen with GME, a lot of young investors have gotten their fingers burned. My point was that platforms like Robinhood and IG index have moved the goalposts, be it reasonably or unreasonably. It will make some individuals look again at their positions and pehaps sell when they would have otherwise held. I don't know how you can't say they are manipulating the market. And as we have just seen, they are happy to turn the forums off to stop people collectively sharing ideas. Other countries might be accused of suppressing freedoms with this kind of behaviour??
  2. Anyone else had the email to say margin requirements are changing from monday on certain stocks. For example, SPCE will now need 100% deposit. This also applies to existing open positions. If you do not have sufficient funds, positions will be CLOSED OUT! Pressumably this is fallout from the reddit/gme saga, but this is sheer market manipulation from IG index, forcing clients to close out positions they wouldnt have otherwise done. Care to comment IG??
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