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  1. Why are there so many errors on the daily charts? I posted on the crypto threads about the huge candle on the daily Ether chart. It's still there. Why does no-one fix these obvious errors. Today the daily candles for TSLA and APPL and FB are all inaccurate - all are showing lows that the hourly candles do not. Could someone from IG please fix these errors?
  2. APPL: not been anywhere near 310 today so far
  3. Here's another one: Today's candle on FB. It's not been to 217 today.
  4. Yeah I did refresh. It's still there. TSLA daily suggests price has fluctuated between 630 and 900 What the hell is going on and why is no-one from IG fixing these bugs?
  5. The daily candle for Ether on 26th April 2020 is huge and obviously a glitch. Any chance someone at IG could fix this as it plays havoc with chart sizing?