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  1. Hi I appreciate that due to market liquidity, IGIndex's risk policies, etc. that sometimes I will not be able to place a buy or sell order for a spread bet. My question is if I have an open position already will I always be able to close it when I want to or will there sometimes be conditions which will prevent me doing this? If so what are these? Thanks, John
  2. Hi I have just entered into my first trade but had a question. I have opened a sell order with a guaranteed stop loss. However, I would like to close part of my trade when it moves in my favour by 50 pips and let the rest of the trade ride further. I can see how to do this manually once I know the price has moved by 50 pips in my favour. I can also see how to do this if I want to close my entire position. However, I will not be glued to my computer screen all day and I only want to close part of my position. Is there a way to set an order so that when the price moves 50 pips in my favour part of my trade is automatically closed and the rest of the trade allowed to ride? Is the only way to do this to setup a text alert which tells me when the price has moved in my favour by 50 pips and then I can go in and manually partially close the trade? Thanks for your help, John