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  1. Had a reply from support (on second attempt). My issue was due to the open order price level set being below market price when ordering making it a stop order. Didn't know the type of order took precedence over price level ordered. So question resolved.
  2. Same here. After a moment it pops back to 5 min candles.
  3. Much appreciated if someone could point me to applicable T&C or explain why an Order to open a Sell position is opened way below the Price level quoted. Surely the order should only open if the price matches or is better (eg higher if a Sell-to-open). I understand that the closing Stops and Limits can be exceeded in a fluid market and hence guaranteed for extra cost but that is for closing positions. I do not see how it can right for IG to open positions outside of the Price level quoted ? TIA. James J
  4. If you please...Does the IG platform allow quarterly (wide-)spread bets such that there is no daily/overnight charge ? TIA.