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  1. I'm having a problem with my charts, whereby when I click on a tab, the candles on the chart are not showing their wicks. This is corrected by refreshing the page, or changing time frame. But if I select another tab, and then go back to the original tab, the problem is present again. I have tried cleaning my browser cache, deleting cookies, resetting my broadband connection, and even changing my DNS service. None of that works. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I have noticed that there tends to be a squeeze, of an average of 30 pips (smallest I seen in backtesting is 9 pips, and the largest is 119 pips) in the last 5 minutes on WTI, before the new day begins. Tonight, the squeeze was only 14 pips, once the spread in taken into account. That is a great trading opportunity. As for the closed periods, I want to be able to ensure that I'm not left holding a trade into the close, and having to stay up an extra hour to complete it. If I know the closed periods, I and plan accordingly.
  3. I'm a long time FX trader who has recently started to trade WTI. I have noticed that unlike FX pairs, which start their new day at 10pm, and trade 24 hours a day, WTI appears to start a new day at 19.30 BST, and closes between 22.00-23.00 BST. Is the 22.00-23.00 the only close, and do other commodities start their new day at 19.30? I'm finding this information hard to find on the IG site
  4. Here's an example of a really poor Autochartist signal. Note the insane Risk/Reward ratio. Plus, a 3 pip trade should never appear as a signal.
  5. Beware I've already raised this with my premium client manager a few weeks ago, but I thought it would be worth flagging up an issue that I've seen over the last couple, here. I'm an experienced and profitable trader, so I haven't been too badly hurt, but I've noticed that Autochartist signals, particularly on EURUSD are all over the place for the last month or so. This morning they issued both a Long and Short signals simultaneously, less than two hours after IG's European Session email was sent, which gave an Autochartist Long signal on this pair. As far as I can see, market condit
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