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  1. Hi Cherl Crypto has been stopped for over 2 weeks since bitcoin exploded and its an almost certainty it will go up long SEE IGs page on Crypto
  2. Hi Yes IG have given I believe a statement on NON TRADING for options or CFD on crypto (which I see no reason why it should not apply worldwide) I maybe wrong on that. All open trades will automatically close on 23/March/2021 - but mine got stopped out a day or two ago. Hope you didn't have too big a position on your short - it will recover but IMHO take a week or more to settle as very volatile at the moment since Elon's statement - but there are very few free lunches in markets. All the best
  3. Hi, Fortunately got to professional status now - but yes the interest charges - (I haven't calculated precisely - are extremely high). All I can say is rather than wasting time fighting - it may be better to look elsewhere for easier trades - which I have an abundance so not a problem for me. Hope all is well with you - I also speak to many personal friends too (I seem to see that you in the past ? have been taking some trades almost personally )- but traders are not like friends and trust has to earned and then respected - but I am sure you know this too well.🤓
  4. Hi Caseynotes, (I often read you posts) Yes I did see it about this morning or so after announcement I believe - and responded to a newbie on the subject. Personally it was inevitable (IMHO) cos the way trades have been going - it was and is a one way ticket to profits on a put/call. Certainly dipped from 59k (BTC) to 54k but I personally think it is responsible by IG - as potentially it could wipe them out (or am I being plain ignorant?). As they are only market makers HOWEVER they are making a fair chunk on the sell price buy prices AND interest per day. Still not complaining tho
  5. Seems likely - there has to be a line somewhere - otherwise they would specifically have an overdrafts team - which would be a time/cost ie loss maker for IG and as 70+% non pro trades are non profitable would rack up losses for IG - which ultimately would be the end of IG!!! - OK a bit far fetched but a fail safe so IG DON'T GO DOWN THE PAIN is what everyone NEEDS.
  6. Hi I am fairly seasoned (20+ years) - but probably don't know all the ins and outs ). 1) Maxed out ISA allowance every year - worked ok for shares. Using IG for shares and ISA and spread bets. In SS I have traded DOW/Tesla indexes OK - but currently on BTC - Only thing to be aware of is some highish interest charges on products (like cryptos - which become pro only from 6th Jan 2021) (only recently increased I believe) - but taking everything into account no problems. Also dabbled in CFD but abandoned with flexibility of SS. Been IG customer for approx 4 years and many years using othe
  7. Hi Firstly I feel for your predicament - but there is probably some reasonable explanation to the problem - firstly IG are a professional organisation (in my opinion) - they do take their cut and YES it can be pretty steep at times (just discovered myself in my trades). However the word Ponzi suggests a fraudulent model built and then only to be successful if more people subscribe to the scheme to survive and keep joining - I would disagree with this. Personally I think IG are doing their best (under the circumstances of COVID). The word Ponzi is being used more today I believe beca
  8. Agree with all comments - I only trade USA stocks - so Tesla (made a bomb on that in Jan till I got a bit too greedy - still out with a great overall profit) and DOW as already trade them at various times in the last 2 months
  9. Agree with this totally - certainly for a newbie sitting on the fence as to action to take
  10. Hi dmedin You post today had me interested and questioning the meaning. Until I checked it out. I see exactly your point now if it had happened where would the world be now? Somebody would else would have 'found' America BUT would they have done? CAn't say But market wise we are trying to 'beat the market' or play with the professionals - foresight and vision and TRUST in trustworthy people is only the way I mainly succeed on here. PS I do not day trade but have done well trading (started 40 years ago. I really like and checked out many of your posts (over the last 6 months) as you
  11. Hi, It is something to do with my settings in Chrome causing the problem - will fix later - have a work around at present by using Microsoft Edge (new version from 2020 which IS superior to old one supposedly)
  12. Hi briefly trying Edge out out and looked ok - but only to solve my immediate problem - have Edge on one screen and Chrome on the second and works fine - will have to look at the set up to fix of chrome going forward
  13. I got to speak to helpdesk for 45 mins yesterday and IT IS a chrome issue - they will fix it later but - as now using Microsoft Edge with FULL capacity - suggest to use this as has excellent reviews as a substitute for chrome - may well do myself. Regards David
  14. Hi The account is functioning on Mobile APP John AND PROVIDING CORRECT UP TO DATE PRICES FOR US SHARES I can verify this by my account on Hargreaves Lansdown - but IG support not answering the phone at the time of post - most unusual. V surprised not reported by anyone else.
  15. Hi I AGREE - it does not open on new trading platform - but before selecting the IG open and look at old platform you can trade - looks like there is a problem there - as IG logo is not correct IMHO. 🙂 Tried calling tech support but no answer at present.
  16. Hi Shaun, There is no time limit - the only consideration on spread betting or CFD is daily interest charges. I am not an expert - but keep trades running for hours to 2 weeks mainly trading the DOW . Holding individual shares - there is no charge only graduated buying and selling costs + FX charges depending on their currency. You will also notice that spreads are much narrower (in your favour ) during trading hours eg UK 8am to 430pm or US 230pm to 9pm (UK times adjusted). Commodities I cannot answer on. Regards David
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