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  1. For intraday charts eg 4hr, if you draw trendlines you'll see that it doesn't work. Yesterday's data for example lies outside the down trendline when it shouldn't. Leads to wrong conclusions.
  2. Thanks James. But that means that charting and even technical indicators are useless with IG charts when there is a day when the markets are closed. Everyone else excludes such time periods when there is no data. Why include them? Doesn't make sense at all.
  3. Thanks - over to you IG - please remove 25th Dec from the charts otherwise it makes charting useless.
  4. My charts are showing Christmas Day which has no data and is making charting useless as the data is shifted by one day and trendlines won't make sense. Is there a way of removing Christmas Day from the charts (4hr and lower timeframes)? Or does IG have to do this for all charts? Surprised this was not taken care of...
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