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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there's a way for me to change the leverage factors for my live accounts? Cheers!
  2. @TrendFollower Hi, Thanks for your thought. I made devotion of shorting RB because I saw a gap down on Sunday, thought there might be a downward pressure to that movement. Other energies were at this lukewarm zone where price starts to rise a bit and consolidate. im new to energies, I don’t know if the fundamentals like oil reserves and demand would support a further downward movement. i have to admit that I did not follow my trading plan for that trade. I don’t have a trading plan for energies. I thought they are a different market than forex. Still exploring what works the best for commodities trading. what about you? Do you trade on trend or intraday?
  3. Hi chaps, I hope you had a wonderful 2018. Where do you guys think the gasoline price will head? On the chart, it looks like a beautiful downtrend. However, I entered the trade today only to find the price moved up against me. I'm new in energies. Any thought on the causations behind gasoline price movement and any outlook on its future direction? Thanks!
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