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  1. @TrendFollower, that is exactly what I would expect to see from the search function but this isn't appearing in my account (which is CFD). As a workaround I am searching from the mobile app where this functionality is available then saving to watchlists which can then be used from the desktop without issue. Bit of an odd one...
  2. @TrendFollower, thanks for this. I am on a desktop. The option for ETFs doesn't actually allow you to search for some reason. Nor am I seeing the option for ETC and trackers. See screenshot attached. Am I in the wrong place? Will try mobile app in the mean time.
  3. Looking to build a portfolio comprised of ETFs. IG very conveniently has an ETF screener (https://etfscreener.ig.com). However, selecting the "trade now" option next to each ETF takes me to a login screen each time rather than the instrument. Have tried searching for various ETF symbols and names within my dashboard workplace but this is not turning up results. Any ideas?