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  1. Hi, I am a newbie trying to place an order under "Order" tab 1) If I want to risk 0.5% of my 200,000 SGD account on this one trade, what do I enter under the " Size USD($) " column? (My account is in SGD, while the size column in is USD) 2) What is the "price level" column about? 3) What is expiry "good till canceled" and "good till date" ? 3) If these are my buy entry and long exit rules respectively: " Buy entry: Place a stop order 10 ticks above the two-day high. This will help ensure buying with the new trend and help to avoid false signals. Keep order until filled or as long as the buy alert is still valid. Long exit: Place a stop equal to the 20-day EMA. Continue to update this stop daily to form a trailing stop. " What should I do to enter this information(both the stop order 10 ticks above the 2 day high and the trailing stop equal to the 20-day EMA) into the system and what do I fill in under "Stop" and "Limit"? Thanks alot.