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  1. Does anyone know why my AA shares have been sold at a loss without my permission. I cannot get though to IG to ask them
  2. I, for one, am not comfortable with using the new system but have often found that the old system is 'not available' which I suspect is a ploy to make us use the new system. However, my main difficulty is finding some information which was available on the old system. this is on the third column to the right of the share name where there is a column which gives 'news' 'edit book cost' 'market data' ' news' 'get info' etc The' market data' gives a drop down menu which gives news, client sentiment, fundamentals, broker ratings, dividend yield. I cannot find this on the new system has anyone any ideas please
  3. I have just been asking the same question and IG will do it for you but at extortionate charges. Your best bet if you have some funds available is to buy shares for your ISA in a particular company when the price is low (about now) and then wait your time to sell your shares in that same company in your ordinary account when the prices rise (who knows) and you have got to stand the cost in the meantime. If you dont mind taking a hit you can do both transactions on the same day and if the price hasnt altered much on the day you will just miss out by the cost of the spread. If you cant afford to stand the money out you would have to sell your ordinary shares and wait 2 days for clearance before you buy the new ones into your isa account but if the price has gone up you might catch a cold. There is nothing to stop you selling your ordinary shares and putting the proceeds into your isa and waiting for a good price before buying the same shares. If they have gone up in the meantime it will cover your costs. good luck
  4. how can I put my shares in alphabetical order on the lists
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