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  1. Indeed, can we have the NZDCAD back in demo please.
  2. Demo API does not work. I had to share my live API and live login details account to a developer for him to complete the work. Live API works well.
  3. Thanks Daniela, I closed all the £2 positions since I could not be in front of the screen. I am opening £1 and £1.5 now and things seem to be working fine again. Also, I opened an order in the US Dollar basket but it does not show up in the chart?
  4. Hi @Kodiak would you mind sharing a screenshot similar to this, but clicking on the Sell cell to check the margin required for selling options. Thanks in advance
  5. i have several 1 point and 2 points positions opened at the moment. I move the stop to breakeven to walk away from the screen. I get the message "Position amended". And then the stop goes right back to initial place!!! Why is that? It only happens with the £2 positions, the £1 positions I can change with no problem.
  6. You are right, it is now fixed, thanks for your comment
  7. Hi The USD/DKK is showing a big candle going all the way to ZERO: Is this ok?
  8. that's right, I only made 3.3 on the sale. All in demo thank God Calling them now
  9. I sold a 11900 PUT EURJPY for 04JAN19. The market closed at 12370 on the 04JAN (the flash crash was on 02JAN19) The position expired on the 04JAN at a £-180 loss ?? The same happened in 3 other JPY related positions. How is this possible?
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