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  1. Hi Dan, What's the status for implementing the volume indicator in Prorealtime forex markets? The webtrader already has the volume indicator so it should be easy to implement into prorealtime? Cheers Kasper
  2. Dear PRT. This is a suggestion The possibility to partially close some positions is not there. for example: I open a trade with 3 positions- I cannot close them individually or even make separate stop losses or take profits- goes for both Manuel trade and Pro order I accumulate orders- one each day- I cannot separate the stop loss, take profit or close them individually in Pro order code. Best Regards Kasper Elsborg
  3. Dear IG. I see that Volume has finally been added to PRT over the summer for various instrument, but sadly not on any FX? Is it the nearby future for FX or what is the status? Best regards Kasper
  4. Hi IG. I have a suggestion. I really feel that the platform is lagging the ability to arrange you own code/indicators. Both in the "Indicator and trading systems" and "ProOrder AutoTrading". I would really like some arrangement feature here so, I can arrange things in taps with own labels along with a search filter function. that would really be helpful! Cheers Kasper
  5. Hi Tim, and thanks for looking into it again. I also wrote a persistent email Thursday as they were give me a runaround again but it seems to have helped. It finally works:-) Cheers Kasper
  6. Hi Tim, and thanks :-) I haven't heard anything yet, though I have tried many times over the last 3 weeks, latest reminder was yesterday. At least it's escalated to IT- finance a week ago. I also send a report from the PRT demo account for troubleshooting Kasper
  7. Hi Dan. My name is Kasper and I'm from Denmark. I have recently become a trader with IG, so I'm looking for the community to join for both guidance on PRT as I advance in the platform, and of cause good trading and strategy tips. Cheers Kasper
  8. Hi there. I'm curious if anyone else has the same problem as me and perhaps a solution or other information regarding this. In my DEMO account it is not possible the activate Pro Order in PRT. It's very frustrating as I would like to do some live testing of my code in the demo account before actually go with it on the Live account. PRT is enabled under settings in the DEMO account, but has no option to enable Pro Order like in LIVE account. The Pro Order works perfectly in the PRT LIVE account- so no issue there. I have raised this issue 3 times with IG helpdesk but at last they send it to IT-Finance, but they never got back, and Its been a week now.
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