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  1. Oh yeah, it definitely makes a big difference - sometimes, not all the time but enough to be worth decent money. For eg. I've conducted strategy backtesting compared to say the ETF indices and the results sometimes are pretty different as entry and exits can be way different. To be honest, the overnight markets themselves are not great as they also can skew the averages as its also on thin volume and not reflective of regular session movements. Ideally you want to be able to toggle off that session as well. But the weekend one definitely needs to go. And yes I agree - the weekend markets
  2. Everyone does but honestly I don't see the same issue here as none of my money can be moved to someone else's account. If someone wants to go to the lengths of hacking into my account just to look at my positions, they are welcome 🙂. My point is I just prefer the ease of quick login esp during volatile periods and when IG systems are down and only certain users can log in (which has happened a few times recently). Same when you want to add funds, if the market is moving quickly, I'd rather not have the extra 15-30secs (or longer) it may take to do it, sometimes it makes a difference. Well in m
  3. At the risk of going against the grain if you do implement this please give users the ability to either use it or not and don't make it a requirement please. I hate having to use 2FA in situations where it's not needed and my equipment is secure and not everyone is married to their phone. The current login method is fine by me and quick, no hassle. And as GTJ above pointed out, as far as I'm aware no one can steal your money, it can only go back to your cards and bank accounts. Am perfectly fine if others require 2FA but would be livid if IG changed this and not give users the ability to
  4. Overall I think the platform is pretty good (esp compared to most other brokers) but there is always room for improvement : 1) Bugs have to be fixed faster - Currently there is one where you can change a limit/stop on the platform and it registers it for a few seconds then reverts back to previous level. Thereby when you look at it an hour later you are looking at an incorrect number. Very misleading and can't stress how important this is. Issue has been outstanding with your helpdesk for almost 2 months now,, they are aware of it but seems no priority to fix 2) Ability to trade opti
  5. This would be extremely useful. Its one of the reasons I don't trade any options with IG and use another broker.
  6. The PRT platform has a delay on price changes, never notice it stick, generally between 2-10 secs. It used to be zero lag 2mths ago but as of the last 3-4 weeks theres been a definite change in their policy as its obvious they are throttling to some extent. On the web platform, once the price sticks it never changes thereafter, be it for 1m or 60m later that price stays the same. The rest of the watchlist has prices changing second by second perfectly fine, it's only that one market thats stuck. Once you refresh the window its fine, everything changes and prices are live. Its only happene
  7. Haha ! Well, what do you know, I fell for it again right now even though I was aware of the bug. Nasdaq and Dax prices were both frozen (every other price was fine) and when I went to execute, I got the usual error message about the price moving. Its happening pretty frequently now. I'm a bit surprised IG have not commented on this issue more publicly or why they are not fixing this as a priority given no one can trade (literally) on stake prices.
  8. Its a known bug on their platform. I spoke to someone about it couple of weeks ago but no eta on fix, could be months. Its been ongoing for a few months from what I've experienced. The price appears static but the underlying market has moved (esp in fx, and indices) so the price you see on screen is stale therefore when you go to execute at that price, it comes back with an error (understandably). The only way around this is if you notice an obvious error like the price not moving in indices and fx then the bug has started, you can "fix" the issue by refreshing the browser and then prices will
  9. Hi - I could not find a thread on this issue. Is there any quick mechanism for clients to inform you of bad/erroneous chart prices ? There are so many of them on the platform. It wreaks havoc with any technical analysis especially moving averages as you can well imagine and makes it useless. Leading to less trading. It ranges from from simply a bad price to consolidation/share splits not being accounted for. Would it be useful to create a sticky thread or email button on your platform so that we can instantly inform you of anything like this ? The correction should easy to put right in a matt
  10. Also, the moment you open up another account, all the pop out windows - eg say charts, prices etc that you have nicely arranged on your desktop disappear. So to flick between trading accounts is not that easy as your trading layout keeps being deleted each time. Doing it once a day is acceptable if slightly annoying but any more and it becomes restrictive on your trading activity. There is no way to save the dealing platform layout with automatic chart windows open up OUTSIDE the browser window each time you login.
  11. Would like a full Level 2 functionality (albeit a premium paid for service) as there are very few platforms in my opinion that have a decent GUI on UK Level 2 (IG CFD Level 2 is limited to select securities) . And the ability to invest in funds (not just Investment Trusts). This is one of the reasons I donlt have an ISA or SIPP with IG as they don't allow you to buy OIECs
  12. Option 5 please. The longer the better. You can always filter out to a narrower time period that way and it satisfies everyone's requirements. The reason some of the smaller timeframes could be inadequate for some is because if you have a daily or weekly investing/trading strategy it will be too short to produce any meaningful analysis. Good idea btw, long overdue
  13. I have consistently come across your demo platform showing incorrect prices in a few markets. It is always one or two each day and its not the same market either. It happened so far on the Ftse, Dax and Hang Seng. I sent an email to your helpdesk and all I got was a reply that "yes demo prices will and can be different " ! Needless to say that this is an unhlepful response and ridiculous for many reasons least of which, how are we supposed to demo trade and backtest PRT strategies if the prices are nonsense ? Can you look into this and fix the issue. Not having reliable prices lessens the
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