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  1. im just trying out the demo platform when i try to open australian share cfd the order keeps getting rejected but when i open position for other markets it doesn't, such as uk or wall st im doing it on the order tab not the deal tab when the market's closed and also when i try to open position even when the market is open it still gets rejected does anyone know why
  2. then what are you trading in cfds if there were to be similar issues as shares and are you able to view these on a bid/ask quote window like in shares so that you can decide your entry points without your order being partially filled?
  3. when you are dealing share cfds at a certain price, its not like buying the actual shares so.... does this mean when you decide to open a position it will open straight away, unlike shares where you would have to wait for a seller to sell the shares to you? so it would be possible to open a position on a share cfd at a million dollar worth of shares because you are not actually buying them??? im just first time on cfds and its been quite difficult to grasp its concepts