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  1. mine is working now. open old, by going to myig , will see account, and under it "open platform", with a down arrow on its right. click down arrow and it will open the option to open in old platform.
  2. I've got the same problem. The same problem, whether Chrome , Edge or IE. Adobe Flash installed, and allowed. Cache history ,etc deleted. Problem stays the same ... cannot open New Platform . Only get the IG sticker . Can open old platform.
  3. I've opened an offshore account. There is zero funds in it , and it show it with a zero pound sign. I want it to be in dollars ( and the add funds 😉 ). How do I change the "pound" acc to a "dollar" acc ? thanks willian
  4. the video explain clearly what happend with an index trade in regard to a divident. do the same happen with a share trade ?