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  1. if you don't have allowance, for that API key, that's all you'll get. Agree 2.5 sec is more reliable.
  2. improved it by making sure rest calls aren't async and also putting 2 second wait before each call (1 second is not enough and I get more forbidden responses). For what I'm doing this is ok-ish, but not great. Given this is the rest client returning this and not my code I'm not sure what's changed i.e account, service validation. If anyone has any ideas that would be much appreciated, the wait I added, foreach (var market in MarketList) { try { Thread.Sle
  3. just do a price request and you'll see allowance in response. "metadata": { "allowance": { "remainingAllowance": 4602, "totalAllowance": 10000, "allowanceExpiry": 442401 },
  4. Hi, C# : use combination of REST & streaming. Replicated using WPF example that you can download in labs. This issue is specific to REST Every 15 minutes I get 15 min prices for a range of epics. My allowance is fine with +6500 left. I keep getting random null responses with "forbidden" status code. Different epics. If I trap null response and then set rest call to execute again, it works. I continue and it carried on with rest of epics, or will do say 10 , return forbidden for 3 and then return fine for epics following that. if I step through each epic, its fine. So s
  5. Nevermind. now to figure why I ran out by wednesday! { "errorCode": "error.public-api.exceeded-account-historical-data-allowance" }
  6. I have been running C# implementation for quite some time. last night it stopped working and response is null 403 forbidden. This is on live account. Can use API to log in (rest and streaming) make calls to get watchlist epics, for example. As soon as I call to get prices (e.g. igRestApiClient.priceSearchByNumV2) I get forbidden. looking at reference I don't see forbidden with null response. any ideas as to potential cause? this is something I usually start running on Sunday night and turn off on Friday night each week. It has done this for many weeks and previously ran ok against demo. thanks
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