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    This is specifically what I'm interested in looking at.
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    Thanks guys. It's very good. However, I noticed from their website that they have more 'in-depth' offerings and was hoping that this might be possible to activate. IG has responded to my query, advising that the current partnership doesn't support that additional suite of products, a bit of a shame. IG will be forwarding them the feedback though, so hopefully, they can switch the additions on.
  3. Does anybody know if there is any function within 'Trading Central' to expand upon their existing offering (e.g. scanning for more 'in-depth' patterns)?
  4. Hi guys, Does anybody know how to add the ASX Equities as search criteria please? The available list is limited to forex, bonds, commodities and indices; yet on the trial from Autochartist there is more options available. Best wishes.