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  1. Hi I can only speak from the point of view of Spread Bets and my experience with IG in general but I am not an authority on this. The simple and straight forward answer in my experience is NO. One of the main reasons I joined IG was their transparency, long standing and reputability (as well as the low spreads and large number of markets available) and the variety of literature they make available enabled me to do some really in-depth due diligence-hence the transparency bit. With Spread Bets there are no other fees than those stated - information can be obtained from the website
  2. Hi , First off I don't think you are bad at trading. You are new to it and as such just going through the newbie motions. Everyone/Every great development starts from ground zero - errors, pitfalls, disappointments and all. Even Einstein notched a few failed theories, experiments and ideas under his belt. Good you identified you need a way to improve... Right track that not many follow. If you are committed and disciplined, you can find your footing to avoid joining the statistic of unsuccessful traders. Forgive the lecture. I started the same way and only found my motivation by first as
  3. Ola trading amigos. Beginning to appreciate how lonely the world of trading is (so many neigh sayers out there-All I say is 'Wright brothers'), so here I am in a community of like minded people. So glad IG have this community forum. Muchos Gracias IG! I still see myself as new to trading though I have been interested in trading for many years now, actually started my education about 6 years ago with options education and started trading (Spread Bets) about 4 years ago, facing the usual pit falls of newbie traders-but I expected that from the beginning and had good, though incomplete, found
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