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  1. Hi Demedin, I wouldn't give up, but taking the advice of someone who has made all your mistakes might help. I understand the confusion which is out there, all you have to do is type 'forex' into a search engine and you will forever be bombarded with Jeff Bishop videos and Tim Syke's next big thing. I would recommend to filter out all of that noise. Ask yourself what time frame you want to trade or are able to trade. Find a guru whom you think might teach you to trade that time frame. Do not think that they are all charlatans, although many of them are (probably 81%), there are some earnest educators out there who can condense all the stuff you can find for free and apply it to a strategy. Stick to your strategy and focus on becoming a good trader, get your trading right. In my limited experience, making a fast fortune is massively unlikely, unless you have one to start with.