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  1. Discussion about trades is hard and can be pointless. The long term trends.....you might want to talk (listen) to an economist Commodities: would be wrong to think is 'just' about harvest. Is just supply and demand like any other product. Harvest is part of the supply. Its also about inventories and how much population consume (use). You like trading in oil, well its the same. Out of season there are beautiful trends also, but of course you can trade in whatever you like and feel comfortable with. Stocks: depends what stocks but we had some correction, some stocks may be going up s
  2. Hi , @TimP Hasn't IG thought of bringing 10 year aus bond for trading? it moves well with all these interest cuts
  3.  Don't worry about forum trader methods...we don't move markets. Ny sugar11 was hot on upside Coffee may follow AUD is hot on upside especially after the stubbornness to fall after rate cut of course there may be reaction which can transform in downturn
  4. Can you guys see the charts from that big amount of drawings?
  5. Up, Down, sideways...who cares as long as there is oportunity
  6. Hi What time settings do you have them on? I changed couple of time settings but still some spikes, beside chart looks weird with gaps. Thanks for reply
  7. To Caseynotes They see different opens and closes on daily charts (and weekly) which is very important. If you use UTC opening hours you end up with a different chart picture then when is set to open and close normally around the exchanges (from Auckland and close in New York)
  8. Hi What about FX Daily (weekly) charts on Android platform. We cannot change the settings there. However, I don't think we need a community forum in order to fix problems in the charts. They should be set as default on opening and closing accordingly (from Auckland to New York) not UTC or Bangladesh time etc. Who wants to trade on a different picture chart unless IG wants us to do that. I think the opening and closing should be done accordingly on commodity markets as well without us to change time settings and I hope IG can fix that once and for all.
  9. I spoke with IG twice in the past there is a problem with US stocks "all session". I don't know how they allow it to happen. I changed the settings to opening hours in US but the daily charts still have spikes. about 30-50% is affected. I uploaded a bad picture but still ok for proof. VISA, Haliburton, Disney...etc Daily Charts on FX are misaligned, opens and closes UTC instead of following the currency opening hours I was waiting for somebody to compete with IG, wasn't anyone so far but recently Saxo Markets just showed up. Do you guys have these problems?
  10. Why can't IG use the opening and closing hours of FX market charts as they open around the world (starting from Sydney and closing in New York). Why do they have to use UTC hours (Markets don't open and close at midnight in London). Maybe commodity charts too. I fixed it on ProRealtime charts using Bangladesh hours but it can't be fixed on android charts.
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