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  1. What objective measure of difference between cash and future price is consider as significant by IG to implement this change?
  2. Point 3 is in response to your earlier reply " This discrepancy should be very small, especially over the relatively short time frame. " regarding cash and futures price difference of SP500, which may not apply to other indices. Hence a need to display cash or future price chart along with Digital 100s indices product to reflect a closer approximation for customer to reference with when making decision.
  3. Dear James Please advice on following questions, thank you. 1. What is EPIC? 2. In what sense are the S&P daily and weekly binary relatively unique in that the indicative charts need to have the same EPIC? 3. Price difference between cash and futures can stay significantly different for a long period depends on various factors, therefore having respective cash or future chart display along with Digital 100s indices product can be of significance. For example the HS50 Cash and Future price charts are of 50 points difference for the past few days (refer to past screenshots), which c
  4. Hi James, NOT ALL Digital 100s Indices products settle against the underlying index cash market at that time, these information are stated in the Expiry section of the Digital 100s Indices products specifications as per multiple screenshots attached. Please read the products specifications. Unless the Digital 100s Indices products specifications on the new platforms is inaccurate or otherwise, Digital 100s Indices products could settle against the underlying index futures or index cash market. Examples Digital 100s (US500 Weekly, HS50 Daily and China 300) settle against the underlying ind
  5. Hi James, thank you for the clarification on difference between cash and future price. The difference between cash and future prices is the reason that I would suggest for a corresponding (cash or future) price chart to be displayed with the corresponding Digital 100s Indices products as different Digital 100s Indices products use cash or future price as reference at expiry. For example 1. Refer to the screenshot with Digital 100s US500 Daily and Digital 100s US500 Weekly; the US500 Daily expiry is reference to official close of SPX500 Index, the US500 Weekly expiry is reference to S&
  6. In the new platform, Digital 100s products are display with chart of the underlying instrument. Please ensure that the chart display corresponds with the exact underlying (cash or future) use as reference for settlement to avoid confusion as Digital 100s product can be settled based on underlying cash or futures price. Example: The Hong Kong HS50 Digital 100s Daily use futures price as reference but the chart display used the Hong Kong HS50 Cash price instead of Hong Kong HS50 future price
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