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  1. Why are Oil margins so high? I know market is volatile at moment but 5% when all other CFD brokers are 1% is over the top. I was ready to fund my account today, but put the money in Plus500 instead due to this.. I'd rather trade with IG please advise when this will re revised.
  2. Hello I am testing an EA on your MT4 platform. It didn't close a trade as it should so I checked the Journal and saw 2019.01.18 06:55:50.153 '199681': requote 24347.2 / 24348.8 for order #23294623 sell 1.00 US30 closing at 24346.8 This was a market order, not a limit order it should be executed at best available price ,I haven't seen any other MT4 broker use requotes for at least 5 years. How can I trust my EA to run unsupervised when my orders can be randomly rejected? Do you have a solution? Thanks
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