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  1. Quite new to Forex, and a little unsure on trading hours at weekends. I'm holding two short positions AUD/USD & GBP/USD. Both doing OK, am I able to continue holding these and if required selling them at any time over the weekend, or does there come a point they just freeze and restart Sunday evening, when Oz trading resumes? Thank you
  2. Same login issues here - the site seems to be down. Unable to get into my account to trade, happened about 30mins after the US market opened. 'Service Connection Failure' When I did get in indicator data such as Volume missing. Can't get back in at the moment on any device - no access at all.
  3. This might help you - they seem to be very similar.
  4. Something of a newbie question: So I own a stock purchased on the IG platform on NYSE market. I set a stop loss to protect my position, but why am I not able to then set a sell limit - stock reaches a certain level and sell? First I need to remove my stop loss and the protection this offers to have a sell limit in place, can I not have both, or is there some other function I should be using to achieve this? Thank you K
  5. For anyone with a similar error, in the end I had to call IG support on 0800 409 6789. Apparently the error was with 'Citibank' and my stop loss positions had frozen, these were manually removed by IG and I was once again able to trade.
  6. Trying to close out my USA stops so I can sell positions and I keep getting the error message ' Market not available online' Very frustrating! Trying on different devices but same error on any USA stock.
  7. The problem has raised its head again - everything wiping out on indicators back to default settings - here we go again!
  8. Spread Bet Account: FX Trading: I notice that if I wish to place a 'DEAL' on an FX trade it allows me to also apply a trailing stop loss. However this function seems to be removed on an 'ORDER' trade. Can anyone explain why? Thank you Ken
  9. Thank you @Caseynotes - can I still close this Forward at anytime? Ken
  10. I would like to look at trading a few FX trades for several weeks on each trade, potentially up to 1-2 months. I've been doing a little day trading on these and occasionally overnight. What's the most cost effective way to trade FX over longer time periods? I have a regular share dealing and SB account. Thank you Ken
  11. I'm a little confused about a couple of pieces of information coming up on my 'Trade Anaytics' and I wonder if anyone here could expand further on these to help me better understand? #1: I have a small warning box displaying the following text. 'Your average hold time on indices is less than 1 day. It’s usually cheaper to hold futures contracts after 3–6 days.' When I click on 'Learn more' it does not really explain anything as to why I am trading incorrectly. At the moment I'm tending to trade in small amounts on indices usually just for a few hours maximum. Very occasionally I have held a couple of spread bets overnight, is this the reason why I am getting the warning? #2: Gross Exposure The number here explains that if it's a high number I am at higher risk. However I am only running a basic traders account and using no leverage, therefore my risk can only ever be the approximate capital I have on account, correct? In otherwords should I simply ignore this number based on my current account status? Thank you Ken
  12. As a shareholder in this company I was recently offered a share rights issue to purchase further non-tradeable shares. Having now purchased these what's the fundamental difference between them and regular tradeable stocks? At any point in the future am I able to dispose of these or are they simply shares from which I may recieve additional dividends in the future? Thank you Ken
  13. The particular stock I am interested in is HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES. Thank you @Caseynotes for your help.
  14. I am interested to invest in one particular stock trading on the South Korean Stock Market. I currently hold an IG Share Dealing Account, does IG offer services for me to be able to buy such stock? Thank you Ken
  15. Hello, I'm quite new to trading but interested to consider trading in ETF's over the next 2 to 5 years on an ongoing basis. - What's the minimum I can invest per transaction in an ETF, assuming I would like to probably invest monthly on an ongoing basis? - Are there any main points I should be alerted to before investing in such funds? Finally I was thinking of Emerging Markets, I have an appetite for risk as my retirement fund is already protected and very safely invested in low risk funds. With this in mind what are people's thoughts to such funds as: iShares MSCI EM UCITS ETF USD (Dist) Thank you