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  1. RLC

    St James Place

    'Mr Adviser.....can you explain to me why my funds are invested in this fund?'
  2. it would be good to trade these electronically rather than over phone
  3. Woodford has put a temporary ban on withdrawals from one of his funds. SJP is one of his biggest clients. They will be put under pressure from their own clients on why they invested with Woodford
  4. The rapid appointment of Andrew Formica as the new CEO later this year is interesting as he has a reputation as a deal maker. Unfortunately he's going to have to use all his deal making skills to turn this company around. Poor fund performance, falling assets under management, a large proportion of retail clients and outflows from their funds is a recipe for further falls in the share price even though it did badly in 2018. Not surprising that it remains a favourite 'short' with some institutions.
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