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  1. Yes, IG have said that they are aware and that their developers trying to sort it out. (Just heard this morning,) Thanks.
  2. Thanks Caseynotes, sorry, missed that in your previous posting, so that explains it then and makes sense.
  3. In terms of getting stopped out, that's interesting. I am pretty certain the ticket price which is leading the graph will stop you out if it reaches your stop level before the price chart does. I think IG will definitely be activating stops on the leading BUY SELL prices, not the lagging chart prices, but I don't know for sure. Its just that when you enter a trade, you get the BUY SELL price, even if the chart is saying something else.
  4. Thanks David D, please see my previous post, just posted for further explanation into this issue.
  5. Thanks again, a good explanation. In the meantime, I received an email from IG, and they have confirmed that they too have noticed this issue and are their developers are looking into it. It has been happening a lot recently, right after the US markets open. I got caught out entering some trades thinking he market was at a different price level to what it was. You just have to be mindful of this if you are attempting to get a particular entry price., Thanks again for your interest and replies.
  6. Hi, thanks for your reply. I agree that what you say makes absolute sense. However, I hadn't meant to raise the issue in terms of what you have gone on to say. What I'm suggesting, is that the Buy and sell price IG are quoting right next to their charts and chart price stamp, gets out of kilter in its own right. I don't know if this is just happening on my PC's or if it is occurring on others. I have raised it with IG, but they say they have not come across this before.
  7. Has anyone else noticed that after the US markets open, at time, the Buy Sell prices and the Chart prices get out of kilter. Seems like the charts can lag the Buy sell ticket price by 15-20 seconds. I have seen this on Germany 30, US TECH 100, DOW and US 500, every single afternoon without fail sjmtradex
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