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  1. You keep mentioning liquidity providers...this is FX speak...... IG don't make a market in a cash stock index based on liquidity providers....IF they want to hedge or reduce exposure they will use equity futures.
  2. The problem as a trader, is your levels and stops are based on actual real prices from the exchange. To the degree that IG's Australia 200 cash reflects the same levels within a few points, everything is fine. Where they differ significantly, makes any levels for entry, stops, TP and chart retracement levels pointless. IG's Australia 200 cash differs from the actual index now by 18-19 points currently. It appears to me that IG is pricing the cash index off some fair value calculation, but on this I am not certain.
  3. Hello, Could some please explain the difference in price between IG's price for ASX200 CASH and the price I am getting off both the ASX website and my eSignal. IG has a price premium of around 18 points. eg. as I type my eSignal shows 5970; the ASX website is lagging a bit but is close to this price. IG 5987.8/88.8. I know June futures expired yesterday, but I'm scratching my head why IG's cash index should not be mirroring the actual price.
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