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  1. Bummer if that's true, I literally just added a share dealing account and was about to transfer in some stock, maybe not then lol.
  2. 10pm is when it normally starts, whether that's something to do with the underlying market or that's when their stop hunting algo is programmed to start, I don't know. It's normally back to normal by 10.30pm or so, I think it's just to flush out the overnight trades. Just keep your stops wide, or close trades by 10pm if you can.
  3. That's pretty normal. They say the price is based on the underlying asset, but I'm pretty sure it's stop hunting. Like they run an algorithm that predicts if they widen the spread to 'X' it'll knock out 'Y' amount of stops. Some of them are ridiculous as you say, going one second from less than a pip up to 15+ pips. I've seen other brokers do it (and others not 😉 ), so always remove your stops or move them well out the way between 10.00pm and 10.30pm UK time.
  4. This probably isn't related to only being able to use guaranteed stops, but the IG stop system is pretty worthless. In their wisdom, they only allow you to set stops a certain distance away from the current price, rather than where you want them. In order to get round this, you have to use an order in the opposite direction as a stop. For example, say you are long at 10 pips a point and want to have a stop 8 pips away, but IG bizarrely has decided the stop has to be at least 25 pips away. What you do is put on a sell order (or vice-versa) 8 pips away for 10 pips a point instead. That way
  5. I've been actively trading for a while now and this is just a couple of gripes, comments and questions. Disappearing positions - quite often I'll have a trade on with the details on the chart (stops, limits etc) and it just disappears from the chart. I can see the position is still on from the positions tab but the chart is just blank. The only way to fix it is to log out and back in again (closing the browser) to make the open positions available on the charts again, very frustrating. Ghost trades - closing trades that then refuse to go away. Usually just comes back with a useless g
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