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  1. I searched the forums and didn't find the answers to my questions, apologies if it has already been answered. 1. What setting is by default when holding a future position in spread betting account - rollover or what happens when the contract expires? 2. How do I know when the contract expires? 3. What happens on roll over, specially if there is a big gap between futures prices e.g. VIX Mar 20 price atm is 77.80/78.00 while Apr 20 is like 62.30/62.45 What happens when the contract expires? Does the March position get closed at at last price and opened at Apr price which say is 63 instead of 78? 4. Thank you in advance
  2. How does it work exactly? Say if I buy Sep 20 ones or March 20, won't I need to pay overnight charges? What's the difference with buying cash?
  3. I'm long on Aurora, but feel it may take another year before it starts pushing upwards (if it survives at all). Wouldn't IG commissions on your long position eat all your potential gains over years or am I missing something? I find it very expensive to have long positions on anything using IG portal. Am I missing something?
  4. I'm not hood at posting graphs, btw @Caseynotes where do you get these pics from. It doesn't look like IG Web interface. On the other hand, with DAX failing to get above weekly 100 MA and potential head and shoulders forming on a daily chart I see it going downwards this week to about 11845 mark. EUR consumers don't look confident either. Any thoughts?
  5. Thank you for your reply @Caseynotes. I sort of understand how it works for FX and spot metals and read the article you're referring to though what I don't understand is how the overnight charges are being calculated for Commodities. I may be repeating myself here but say why am I being charged for holding a short Gasoline position while being credited for holding a short Nickel position. I found two topics that come close to the answer, what I'm looking for is a formula say with a current Gasoline price example or a table that @JamesIG shared in the second topic
  6. Indices will only go down this year from here IMHO
  7. H @JamesIG, thank you for your reply. I indeed am referring to overnight funding costs and can't figure out how it is being calculated for Indices and Commodities. Say I'm shorting Nickel, Platinum and No Lead Gasoline. I'm being credited for holding Platinum and Nickel positions but being charged (a lot!) for holding the Gasoline positions. I was referred to this page by support that would suggest I should be credited if I have short positions though it isn't so. Any help to figure out the right formula would be appreciated. https://www.ig.com/en/commodities Best regards, Richard
  8. I'm wondering if there is a way to see underlying currency for all markets available in IG (apart from FX). This is important to me as I can see overnight swaps for currencies and spot metals but don't see them for other markets.
  9. Hi, I remember when I first logged onto my account, I was asked if I want an ability to have long and short positions for the same e.g. currency pair and I think I selected no. Can I set it back to yes somehow? Couldn't find it in settings. Any help would be appreciated. Richard