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  1. Thanks, it helped. Looks like I have a Chrome problem and not an IG one as the new platform worked just fine on firefox just now. It's the chrome that needs fixing, thanks a lot.
  2. https://deal.ig.com/wtp/ still won't open for me.
  3. Mobile now working for me too. I also managed to launch prorealtime but it won't show my open trades. Mobile does. I wonder why the trading platform on website isn't working though.
  4. Yes, it's "unavailable". IG is killing me today, they need to fix this..
  5. I have an open trade running and I can't open trading platform. The new platform won't launch. Old platform wants me to verify my information and takes me around nowhere. I tried to launch prorealtime but it won't launch either. I don't know what to do.
  6. It only displays the IG logo in the center of the screen but won't open the trading platform when I click on "open platform".
  7. Nope, I had 5 orders pending, had to cancel. Also US Dollar Basket doesn't work for me anymore, something changed in them.
  8. How come I did see historical data on this graph prior to Friday and now I don't see anymore? My other pairs are also broken now. (EURUSD, USDCFH, all others, commodities, indices, etc). They're all reset to 5 min charts with all indicators gone. When I try to fix it and add my indicators and switch it back to daily charts, it goes back to a reset to 5 min charts with all indicators gone. Again, US dollar basket CFD always included historical data, that's why I opened a CFD account after trading it in demo and I have also traded it live until Friday when the historical data is suddenly gone. Yes I realize it says "Forward" on US Dollar Basket now. It didn't say that before, it was US Dollar Basket, US Dollar Basket Mini and so forth.
  9. Not the first time, I've traded it before. Somehow it's not correcting itself since Friday I closed the graph by clicking [x] and reopened it, then even refreshed the page to no avail..
  10. Looks like it's in "zoom" since yesterday, the graph bars look giant and I can only fit 4 bars on weekly chart on my screen just like in the picture I uploaded and it doesn't change, so I can't look at the weekly trend and can't see moving averages (also a problem when I switch to daily chart). Is it broken and how can it be fixed?
  11. Hi James, Does the 1 month free usage of ProRealTime also expire on demo accounts after 1 month or is it for live accounts?
  12. That's the one I'm using, I uninstalled mine and installed again using the link from the site. Still, everytime I try to login using my IG username/password, it crashes/shuts off.