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  1. Ok, so I think I understand. Thank you. I guess then there's no way to set an entry price that will only open the trade if that price is available, if the market then gaps down below (or above for a long) then it wouldn't fill? If I'm placing orders afterhours and there's a big gap on open then I probably wouldn't want to be entered at that worse price.
  2. Hi Caseynotes, thanks for you reply. The discrepancy is 4 times higher than the spread so I'd assume it's not that. I typed the details out below then re-read the link I gave in the first post. On the spreadbet platform, do you know if the 'order' tab (as opposed to 'deal') is a 'limit order' or an 'entry order'? I can't find an answer, think IG have been very vague on this. I thought it was a limit order but if it's an entry order then what has happened would possibly make sense. If you want to look into it...It's on URA (global X). I placed the order on the weekend before the 14th Jan. Price limit I set was 1226 (close of previous day, the 13th) stop 26 points away at 1252. Order was opened at 1213.2 (the open price on the 14th) stop at 1238.9. On the 14th the price went from 1213 up to 1235 so comfortably met my 1226 level and so, as far as I can tell it should've been opened at 1226.
  3. Hello. I placed my first order with IG (though not my first trade). It was after hours, I placed an order on the spreadbet platform. I input the price I wanted to sell in the 'price level' box and set stops etc... The following day I'd found my trade had been initiated some 10 points lower than the price I specified, with the stop some 10 points lower which resulted in me being stopped out, whereas I would've still been in the trade at my desired stop. It was my understanding that this is a limit order, the price level is the price I want to enter the trade. What's the point in putting a price if the order just opens at a different (less favourable) price? " Limit orders will usually be filled at your chosen price, or sometimes even a better price if one is available at the moment the order becomes filled. " https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-strategies/types-of-order-42279-180220 Have I thoroughly misunderstood something here or has IG made a mistake? Thanks.