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  1. I opened a second account with IG/AU because of the ESME regulations in order to trade with lower margins, even though I have had to do so with CFD's rather than Spread Betting (which is only available in IG/UK). I have not been asked for ID verification as already have an IG/UK account. Minimum deposits are the same - in whatever currency you trade in.
  2. It depends on the instrument you are trading, the country you are trading from and whether or not you are Spread Betting or using CFD's
  3. I used to Trade Spread Betting with IG but now Trade CFDs with IG/AU. My main reason has to do with the margin changes that came along with ESME. I initially changed to another company based in Australia before coming back to IG and dealing through their Australian branch. Simply put - 0.5% margin is more easily manageable than 5% margin.
  4. Hi, I hope you can see this chart: Trade entered at break of 5 min Pin Bar at 08:45. LOW of bar is 10624.8 Move STOP as shown and EXIT trade at 10:25. HIGH is 10584.3 40 pips (roughly) Price is trending DOWN You could have exited at 09:50 or 09:55 when two pin bars appeared in opposite direction for about 60 pips
  5. Hi, I trade the DAX (Germany 30 (DFB)) from 7:00am to around 9:00am using the 5 min chart. I use EMA 8 & 21 and MA 50 along with Stochastic Group 14, 3, 3. Essentially I trade the break of a 5 min Pin Bar either on the turn or going with the Trend.