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  1. In CFD, the stop and limit are removed after a few seconds when I type in them for positions in the browser platform. However, when I try this in the mobile app they stay there permanently. In the platform when I specify stop and limit, I see a green border for a few seconds around them and then the value vanishes. Does anyone have the same issue?
  2. I just read about this indicator and seems Average Daily Trading Volume (ADTV) is a valuable tool to identify finical institutes buying and selling volumes. But couldn't find in the IG CFD platform. Does anyone know if the online IG platform has this indicator or any similar indicator. Basically I need to know if the daily volume is above or below daily average.
  3. I'm in Australia, but I'd like to add USD fund into my shares account and buy in stocks from the US market. I turned off auto conversion on the account, so my USD does not convert to AUD. Now, my question is if I buy US shares with this account (with USD fund) then do IG turns my USD to AUD and again AUD to USD to buy the shares? Or they buy the US shares using the USD fund I transferred to my account with no conversion?
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