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  1. Me too having the same issue. Highly unstable platform and 0 support. Our monies is at risk. Can we cliam from IG for our losses? Better start looking for another broker. Saxo capital customer support is way much better than IG.
  2. Better look for another broker. Saxo customer support response is definitely better than IG.
  3. I got the same issue. Can't see my positions. Lousy support. Call help desk but can't get through. Better start looking for another broker.
  4. Same thing happening now. Can't see my position. This is terrible. IG had better sort this out asap.
  5. Trading app is very unstable. Could not see my open position. Can't close my position. Same thing happen 12 hrs ago. Please rectify it asap. I need to close some position.....this is terrible. Will you bear if there are losses.
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