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  1. I have a question for whom i would like to address anyone short term trading (using 'scalping') and IG themselves... I've read online that IG dont like scalping (especially if its is proving successful for the trader). Is this true or a falsity? This is in relation to actually CFD trading in shares rather than the Forex markets. Obviously trading in shares can be very fast moving during the first half hour of market openings and quite high risk. But speedy buying and selling can also allow for profits. Is this something likely to get your account frozen? Is there some sort of reassurance that can be given. thanks in advance!
  2. So i think i see it is (as i'm in the uk); £10 per trade commission. however if the trade is was a large sum and 0.1% was higher (ie if the trade was £20,000 it would be 0.1% as that would be £20). So i'm assuming from my demo account - these fees don't show up? As nowhere does it show this in my trades or balances (ie fees). Perhaps they leave this off and it isn't simulated.
  3. thanks for help! I'm also guessing i'm right that each trade has an initial fee (i think its £10). does that come off as soon as you put on the trade - or after (i'm guessing at the start as you might clear your account through loses by the time its closes...)? thanks you!
  4. Hi, I've recently moved to IG from Etoro and just getting my head around the new fee system. Let me see if i have this right; As an example - i bought x amount of shares for Tesco (single trade). I sell them at £40 profit an hour later. The fees are; the spread AND a trading fee of £10? the CFD fees are only applicable overnight? Is that the only fee or is there also commission on top? would this be correct? also i noticed on the demo account that fees aren't brought up in the history section. In which case i was wondering how to actually find a record of them within the account. Apologies for the lame questions - seems the spreads are better here at IG - but the interface isn't as intuitive. Just want to get these questions sorted before i open the live account. Thanks, Olly
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