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  1. Unless ,its technically not a UK account anymore ..When the brexit 31st Oct deadline was approaching my account was migrated to IG Europe so I could still trade in the event of a hard brexit
  2. No ,don't use that account now.Back on the UK one @CharlotteIG Is this rolled out for everyone
  3. Just saw the email,but I don't seem to have it on my account
  4. Do you not have to draw a few thousand lines on a chart .Don't be worrying yourself about me
  5. I don't read it but they all still appear even on ignore....shock horror the other forum spammer is against censorship,who would have thought it
  6. As opposed to when I click on latest threads and I am bombarded with Bitcoin - Price Behaviour Bitcoin Trendfollowing Bitcoin A technical view Bitcoin cash This coin trendfollowing That coin trendfollowing And its all the same content .Maybe @CharlotteIG can we merge them all into one so i dont have to scroll to death
  7. You need a live account and then can test it on demo
  8. calculate what you need to lose to bring your balance to 500 then work out a stop loss x appropriate amount a point
  9. Can you look into removing the type of contributor a poster has on their profile based on pure posts alone as someone new comes on here and views posts from a "Respected Contributor" and such and they think this person knows a lot but in reality it's hundreds of posts of 💩
  10. Rude ...Please If you want to see rude I will oblige if you like Ok So you went onto the platform and found the only products that have no future contract..Well done ,gold star for you If I give a quick glance over the forums I can see multiple threads created by you about trading oil, gas, gold and OJ at the very least...All of which do have So are you now trying to say you only trade cypto but like to post about everything else