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  1. Right click on the chartt.Go down to price and the 3 options are there
  2. Because it didn`t reach your limit .Lowest it went was 159.40 Your chart is on MId price not ask.Change it to Ask and you will see it did not touch your limit
  3. While on the subject ,what ever happened to the other spammer fool aka trendfollower...seems he has vanished
  4. So Buy@6037.7 say.On the chart the price is 6037.2 .So your entry level arrow will be higher I`m just answering the question of when you said you thought you bought at the yellow line but it is higher on the charts that all.I know you are questioning other aspects but all I was pointing out is on PRT prices are mid that all
  5. On PRT you cant adjust what prices you see so they are all Mid prices .so if using their chart you have to account for the spread. So for example if trading Dax the spread is 1.2 .If you see the high of the day is 12000 and want to go long at that price you have to enter 12000.6 which is half the spread. So basically you have to add half the spread to orders .Its easier if what your trading is fixed spread its always the same,But if you are trading something with variable spreads its harder to account for it.
  6. No I know the band is the spread at the current time but on PRT if you hit Buy exactly when price touches your yellow line looking at that chart ,that is not the price you get in at That why the little arrow is higher on you buy and lower on your sell
  7. Because I don`t like idiots ,and I don`t like idiots that are stupid either
  8. You do know the PRT prices are stuck on the Mid and not Ask or Bid so its never going to look like you get in at the right price looking at the charts
  9. I will login for this one.He is a complete retard..Spends his days moaning about IG on the forum but never leaves lol. Why is anyway its always the same select few that have problems with the platform 🤪
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