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  1. Some interesting replies, seem to have elements of truth. YES, "The truth is out there". Another data source for info is: https://www.health.org.uk/news-and-comment/charts-and-infographics/understanding-changes-to-all-mortality-during-the-pandemic Some think it is a political ploy. NO CHANCE. Politicians are ALWAYS ADVISED from various sources, including the faceless top brass Civil Servants (who probably have their contacts). Different groups & different biases often exist and even may conflict. Another source IS THE LOBBY SYSTEM of the big PR companies that represent BIG COMPANIES INTERESTS AND AGENDA(That bypasses the Democracy system). We live in a world of VESTED INTERESTS, PARTICULARLY FROM big companies. COVID & RELATED PANDEMICS (I.E. VIA THE THROAT / NOSE / CHEST INFECTIONS CAN BE HANDLED WITH ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION TO THE NEW COVID DRUG VACCINATIONS. Point 1: In Asia -- example: In an Indian village people had covid. SOLUTION: Vitman C every few hours (fact - it fights bacteria & viruses ), tumeric power + other herbs and a DAILY HEAD STEAM with a towel over one's head for roughly 20-30 minutes). The older generation in every country remember that they use to use the head steam as a standard solution. Point 2: Decon 7 Disinfectant & Decontamination WHY HAVE GOVERNMENTS NOT USED THIS, NOR MAKE ALL COMPANIES USE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE WHEN IT DOES AN EXCELLENT JOB. Then no major shut-downds or job losses would have been needed. ref.: https://hazmatresource.com/products/decon-7-disinfectant-decontamination/ There are other souces on the net giving more data. In short, after Anthrex situation many years ago governments (via military) researched a solution that kills all bacteria & viruses to 99.999%. The Dencon 7 was an industrial solution. NO ONE IN ANY GOVERNMNT HAD BEEN ADVISED TO USE THIS.
  2. TBoE will have to increase rates at some point. But the facts are that Market rates (Bonds & inter-rate) have more influence on this and the Central Banks (UK, USA Europe, etc..) react to the, lagging behind them. Most Annalists and commentators think the FED and others control & know what they are doing but NOT SO. Time will tell as the Governments around the world have been herding in keeping rates down for too long because they want to borrow, borrow & borrow more to "get out of the current debt mess built up. BIG IRONY. Also, the Banks (led by central banks & the Big Banks that run the financial system for & with the central banks encourage lending as they they make money from that. PUT IT ANOTHER WAY: IF THE CENTRAL BANKS & Banks really knew what they were doing and their theories were right THEN WE SHOULD NOT BE IN IN ANY FINANCIAL TROUBLE OR MESS OR WITH THE HIGHEST EVER DEBT BUBBLE BUILT UP IN HISTORY (AROUND THE WORLD).
  3. Some Central bankers and other economists get carried away and think we high inflation. Some central banks policies as to create inflation in an deflationary period. How confused are they? Inflation has several meanings. For example we have hyperinflation in the stock markets valuations created from QE. Also, share buybacks is NOT investing in their own companies, but an illusion since nothing is invested in goods and services. This is not an experiment that some bankers have suggested. It has been done before with the same techniques, all to lead to a disaster for the average person and investor. Mountain of debt that governments have built up, even PRIOR TO THIS EPIDEMIC, is a result of voters buying by spend, spend spend money they do not have. And central bankers and banks encouragement advises -- let the future pay for it while the bankers milk huge profits from all this, until the domino collapses. Oh, the FED DOES NOT CONTROL INTEREST RATES and empirical data SHOWS THAT THEY FOLLOW THE BOND MARKET. This IS THE SOLUTION THAT NEVER HAS SOLVED PAST FINANCIAL CRISES, JUST PROLONGED THE CHAOS TO COME. iT WILL BE THAT MUCH BIGGER BUBBLE.
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