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  1. Just to add - I did have a setting "accept partial fills" as my default setting. I have since changed the "setting" which shows these options in the deal ticket. So I can see them now. However I did have the setting "accept partial fills" already ticked. That means something seems dodgy if you ask me.
  2. I'm starting to think IG is a bit of a front - cannot believe it. Ok - been getting my hands dirty with some knockouts, and initially was happily given $500 per point. Then after a decent loss (knockout level too close) and a few more trades which I had to close in a short period of time because I was wrong in my prediction - the passive aggressive people behind the scenes have done something and now I don't get filled but get a message saying try the advanced options. There are no advanced options - that I can find. Does anyone else get this special treatment, or know how to chose these advanced options? Why offer a product, which by the way is heavily structured in their favour, then annoy clients who are using it legitimately?? Thanks if any traders know about these "issues". Jess
  3. Just an update for anyone interested. Of course the independent Compliance Department found nothing to see here. Waste of my time waiting for them. Get this - the person who is meant to be knowledgeable about Digital 100's claimed that I took profits at the first chance I could. EVERYONE can see my trades, I've posted them. They all went to the time when the thing goes dead (? expiry). So what the what does this person know about anything. Why is she ruling on my question when she has no clue about the Digi100's? Coming from me that is saying something (I am pretty new at this if it's unclear what I mean). I followed up to the local help asking if the would change my ridiculous restriction from 0.63 to 1. Pretty reasonable hey. Got a smarmy reply - No. So make of that what you want. I will trade knock outs and see if they leave me alone there. Cheers Jess.
  4. Doh. Thank you mr @Caseynotes Very helpful. I have watched some knockout trades and am keen..... Cheers Jess
  5. I'll have one thanks if you're buying. Short black. Cheers
  6. @Caseynotes Thanks for the well-wishes. Its very kind of you. A good friend of mine said something interesting to me the other day - people who are generous with their emotions (you being so kind to me) are usually generous with their money. So I can imagine you're a kind and generous man in real life. I have started a new topic on KOs. Probably obvious to see. I wonder if anyone trades them regularly. I will start with them I think. Being a newbie I don't really have much to lose by being wrong. Mock-on ? No it would be daunting I imagine. I'll still give any update on this topic if or when I'm told by the back-room dealers. I might change my forum ID to 0.63... Take care Mr Caseynotes.
  7. Hello Forum, I thought I would start a new question about Knock Outs. I searched and found a quick discussion back in August last year but that didn't answer my question. So - I've read the IG instructions/help and it talks about the knock out level, but not about the expiry time. Is there a time when it expires? How long? What does it mean when it expires? I think I have an idea but wanted to be sure. If I had a loss say, but am still in the ring and haven't been knocked out, my position would..... (be closed for a loss I assume). That's a negative unless this "expiry time" is reasonable. I am assuming they are meant for longer-term trading? I assume that because the very helpful @JamesIG said that you can't change the knock out level once you've put on the trade. In the future they will offer different knock outs apparently. We are the future since that post, but ? I don't know if they have tweaked that yet. I should investigate the premium v a guaranteed stop. Anyway, there seems to be a small niche use for these knockouts. (I have run them by a friend). It might be obvious to everyone else but anyway. Thanks if anyone knows about the timing of them. Cheers.
  8. Hi @Caseynotes I am going to be brave and consider CFD's while I am waiting. I am still not happy, but will try and tinker with CFD's to at least make something. I wish I could use the Digi100 platform so am still wanting that to be looked at - fairly. I am not included in any of the discussion so have no idea what to expect. I don't know about other providers. I did do a quick search but there aren't many sensible search results. I think binary options have been mentioned here so I searched for that. I find it curious that not many people on the forum here post trades. Isn't that the whole idea? I also don't get knock-outs. I should see one in action. The premium for what? ... It seems to be pointless right?
  9. Hi @Caseynotes Hmm - you may be right. Maybe. I feel I am being strong-armed tbh. If I keep trading its as if I am accepting their treatment of me. If they gave me a good reason why they have to restrict me to 0.63 then I could maybe accept that - but for a massive company like IG, I don't think I am going to bankrupt them. A business decision, come on! Even the number 0.63 is just silly. I mean 0.63. So I am waiting for the Compliance Department to look into it. But seriously, are they going to go against their own. I'm sceptical. They said 45 days, which is a lot for 8 trades. Could take me 5mins. Apart from that, someone at IG said there's nothing that's going to change their mind. A joke really. I'd love to meet this digi100 crowd too - they seem cowards...? You're the only one here that seems to have a bit of courage to speak. Thank you again.
  10. Hey @Caseynotes Thanks heaps for your ongoing support. You seem quite intelligent to me and I like your ideas and questions. I don't know if this answers your question but anyway - my signals (not entirely mine so to speak - those I use) are good. The thing is - for the same risk for a Digital 100 - meaning getting the answer right to the question - I get nothing. 0.63 contracts for a 0.5 or better bet is what - $300. Compared to 10 contracts or even 5 for the same ability. I don't trade now because of that. I can't imagine putting 0.63 on, then waiting, then 0.63 more. Sure it is unlimited but the time and price don't stay fixed for me to accumulate enough contracts. Every time I would put on a new trade I would be questioning my original signal too. I think that is something that all works in IG's favour. Doesn't really make my life easy. So I've kept my account open but am not trading until I get a sensible answer from the people here who are meant to make these decisions. A bit backroom shonky but what can I do. Today I decided the top was set at about 10:10am. I was confident about that until at least the afternoon sometime. Good for a 1pm digital 100 if you could put a few thousand pounds on it. Dollars that is. Double your money in 3 hours. Even if I did post that it would have been hard to tell someone in time. Seductive trades to lure in some digitally enabled traders sounds fun. I'm not confident or experienced enough to try trading CFD's yet. Maybe I will, maybe not. I like the safety of a digital 100, especially if I get unexpectedly interrupted and can't be hands on if I have to be. Anyway, my system, to answer your question, doesn't mind what IG does to me. It is looking at the ASX200. Odd - I can't start a new line. So my formatting is all wonky. Oops. Thanks anyway. Cheers.
  11. @Caseynotes Hi. An interesting thought you raise. I was thinking about it in my first post. If you wondered about passing information, it sort of doesn't matter these days does it. I mean anyone could follow anyone online and get tips or pass on tips. I could post on here a few of my signals and if they come good, peoples may choose to trade them. Like Friday I had a signal to sell for the close. So anytime of the day you could have made a trade with a sensible digital 100 and it would have been profitable. That's pretty cool. Anyone could have done it. They aren't hard to use. So if IG treat a client a certain way, then will they treat others the same if they copy me? How many clients do they want to offend I guess is the question.
  12. Hi @Caseynotes Negative account balance protection. Why have a margin call? Seems like you've got a nanny state over there. Nice deflection but I'd be more concerned about the way IG treats its clients if I was you. Just saying. Unless of course no one here trades Digital 100's or trades them for a profit. That's remarkable if true.
  13. @Caseynotes Hi. You bring up some interesting information. 81% lose. I think Australia would be similar unless we are naturally better traders... If I remember I think I have 30seconds to put on 0.63 contracts. That is almost 1.2 a minute. I will use your example of JamesIG to do IG's homework - I have given them 10mins and 13minutes for two of my trades, both 10 contracts. That allows them to hedge 10*1.2 = 12 or 13*1.2 = 15.6 contracts of mine. SO his reason that they can't hedge or offset me is looking sillier by the minute. Here in Aus we just recently had a Royal Commission into the finance sector (Royal - a kickback to our past hey) - anyway the government basically pays (judges lawyers) to investigate dodgy stuff the finance sector has been doing (banks, insurance, wealth management etc). Conflict of interest and predatory lending were some concerns. Conflict of interest …. I'll stick by what I said before - IG are the house it seems, and they don't like losing. So they rig the deck! 🃏
  14. @Caseynotes Hi. I read a few of Mr Zero's previous posts. He would post some trade ideas before the market opens he claimed. Short term? My three trades weren't short term so whatever they had against him is not my problem. If I understand what you've said yesterday and today, it seems you are suggesting that IG don't make their odds on the money received in their kitty (? might be your total exposure). Well I am restricted to a fixed amount for-ever! I wasn't when I started, and no one else says they are. The other thing to remember is that I was making a profit. I lost, regained, profit then hello-dealing-desk. You say that ASIC and the EMSA are protecting clients from blowing up their accounts. I don't want to be protected from that. I wasn't in the process of blowing up my account. Where are the losing traders, or the account-blower-upperers? They should have a say. But your two points say one thing : IG are the house, and don't like losing. 🚫
  15. @Caseynotes Ok. I feel a bit corporate now if I'm a business. I better get out of my PJ's and get dressed for work in the future. I think you may be on to something. Thinking Business Models. But first Do you know if this Zero trader you mentioned was profitable? Thnaks Jess.