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  1. I know nothing of the firm you speak of. Only the fact that IG Markets make available an Annual Statement. Sceduled for August.
  2. I have contributed to this string before. In all fairness IG does provide Tickers BUT .... Its 3 Mouse Clicks to get there. IG needs to provide an extra columb in its Share Trading Search Feature AND its PORT FOLIO TAB. I too have been waiting for a long time for IG to abligue. Cheers All
  3. RE: END OF YEAR - TAX SUMMARY In July 2020 (Last Financial Year here in Australia). I contacted IG by phone and they told me firstly that the report should be uploaded to their site August. I had to wait till OCTOBER to get it. I had to stall putting in my tax return, which costed me money as I am a pensioner and I could have enjoyed a higher rate of pension if I lodged my tax return earlier. Even a CSV export of all transactions would be great !!! Please IG ..... Lets get it done earlier this year.
  4. It's a sad scene that IG does not show tickers. A basic requirement in my book. You have to drill down with 3 mouse clicks to get them. When will this be fixed IG?
  5. Yes .... !!!! I am absolutely sick of drilling down for tickers when it should be front and centre.
  6. Suggest presenters should advise where recordings can be found (URLs). Does any peer know where
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