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  1. hello can we get a dark theme for home page ? such as we have for web platform ? at night it really damages eyesight when everything is white thanks and i hope support will solve this its really easy for web developers to solve
  2. it is solved on my prorealtime charts 😍😍 FINALLYYYYYYY
  3. i think this is just pre NFP things which one is done by many brokers ))))))
  4. LOL glad i have guaranteed stop loss plus im in huge profit so i dont care but i dont want my positions to be closed
  5. this isnt normal condition from such a broker even huge volatility news are ahead in minutes
  6. same with me i have positions open on eur/usd and i tells me that amrkets are closed WTF is going on
  7. red bar means where the price is now so red bar is the correct price
  8. guys never had such an experience in my life so thing is that sometimes when i have prorealtime open my PC goes into freeze mode and i amnt able to do things even mouse doesnt moves only thing do to is restart the PC never had such an experience before it seems like someone described years ago in forums same thing and he said DDOS attacks and my quiestion is does someone has simillar experience ?
  9. everything is done but i amnt able to withdraw on my own so everytime i will withdraw money i am forced to email IG helpdesk to do it manually for me.....
  10. its not about that IG lies or something its just technicall problem which is really simple maybe my card isnt verified and i have to explain everything to every new support guy and all of them tells me new things
  11. truth is that its almost 7 days and they cant solve this simple problem
  12. someone help me to udnerstand why i amnt able to withdraw money on my card card is the same which one was sued to deposit money but still i amnt able to withdraw money on it support caant solve it they are just talking to ask them to withdraw moeny manually for me but i want to be able withdraw money on my own in card
  13. so if you are in ownership of CFD and not underlying asset how is that possible to get dividends ?
  14. better to ask those type of questions to support via email or just use live chat. 😊 only advice i can give you is to reinstall application again