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  1. I have a number of 'non leverage only' stocks on my CFD Watch List. Could IG inform users when a stock is moved to normal CFD leveraged trading parameters. I find it annoying to miss out on CFD trading opps....thanks
  2. Dan Thanks for the update and confirmation, but I like many others have been somewhat stressed by this since the first margin call email at 00.35 this morning!! I fail to understand why an URGENT holding email could not have been issued to alert all Clients (who are not on the forum) I sat and pondered this, before seeing your comment above and came to the conclusion that either 1. IG have very poor IT systems, or worse 2. That this was a 'grab for cash' Please can you assure all of us that this will not happen again in the future. Thanks Grizzle
  3. So much for IG reducing margins.... just got message from IG of 100% overnight margin hike!! Surely you normally give some notice of increases?? Very strange....
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