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  1. This chart issue stinks, IG take money off you when you're winning, they take money from you when you're losing and then guess what .......... make it almost impossible for you to trade at other times too, IG, I pay you for a broker service , provide the service i pay you for and have set up. Guess what, GoMarkets havent removed their charting analyticals or chart drawings, they answer their phones too !!
  2. I'm using new platform and only ever used new platform, I've cleared Cache but no difference, I've checked flash settings for the main Chrome window/tab and all other opened windows/tabs and Flash is 'Allowed' but still not working ! Usual workspace window opens with www address of https://deal.ig.com/wtp#/workspace/**************************** (this bit probably particular to my account so not shown) All Tearoffs open from www address https://deal.ig.com/wtp#/tearoff/market/IX.D.FTSE.DAILY.IP market specific. I believe this is an issue with the tearoff element of the www server but then I'm no expect but pay my spread to IG to sort things out like this !
  3. The tearoff charts and tickets are not updating when using the web based platform via Chrome (i always use tearoff charts), this is not good as the charts within Workspace are laggy when trying to apply indicators or move drawings/text labels. I originally reported this ~ 09.30 BST 20th Aug and Support suggested that i was only one to report this problem and I should uninstall Chrome then reinstall to see if this fixes, I felt like I was not being taken seriously and couldnt believe anyone else had not experienced same issue or reported the same problem ! I didnt uninstall/reinstall Chrome as i was very aware that IG Support would not offer support should this action cause other issues with my set-up but later same morning i proved that the same issue was happening on 3 different machines, all using web based platform on both live and demo accounts. Has anyone else experienced tearoff charts/tickets not updating in Chrome and how have you overcome this ?, yes I could use the charts within Workspace but as said above these are too laggy, I have now waited almost 48 hrs for a formal response from IG !