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  1. Hi..I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW PLATFORM AT ALL, in fact, if they ever discontinue the old one, that will be it for me...I already pay privately for ProRealTime charts, as I prefer an independent data feed, I usually pay for a year upfront...but I noticed that paying monthly I receive an extra 10% discount....don't ask me why....making a total of 40% discount....anyway, the young lady said that if I trade through them I would get them for free, so I said that being Australian they wouldn't open an account for me last time I enquired, but I now live in Thailand, so she said it is ok to open an account, it is through IB, and I already have an IB account ...plus it would be an ECN account, and a true ECN account...so, keep it up IG...I believe many more will follow me if they do impose the new platform on us.....I was thinking of opening an ECN account with Dukascopy and still using ProRealTime charts, my charts differ greatly from IG's version...S&R levels in totally different places....lol