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  1. PRICE=ASK, BID, MID having just realised you can adjust the chart to different reading s as the above , when going short it s stopping me out early, this was when i used the mid settings. Can you please advise me what would be the best way to use this facility
  2. having closed a trade Approximately 21:30 on the Germany30 spot, im querying why the price on the android is different to the price on the PC. the 5 min candles at 21.30 read as followings android mobile H 12064.5 L 12060.1 O 12062.9 C 12063.6 PC readings H 12062.0 L 12057.6 O 12061.4 C 12061.1
  3. Not sure if this is the appropaite place to ask, can anybody suggest any worthwhile material on you-tube regarding methods or systems for trading forex, indices ect. Obviously it not easy to find a genuine source of information.Many only show perfect set ups, situations demonstrating great profitable trends ect, ,one would have to wait for eternity to enter a trade. Never mind the get rich quick schemes.
  4. ive been using ig for just a year hope this is very rare outcome
  5. The poor technical people will lose sleep over this
  6. obviously at the most volatile time of week !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. yes thanks, i noticed the German 30 was nt included, this was the indices i queried
  8. yes , i thought on the adjustment fee on european indices ,long your credited short your debited ,which is like the opposite to overnight fees in general
  9. no i understand over night fees materialise after holding a position after 10 pm GMT ,i highlighting indices after 4.30. ie overnight fee s STATES interest rate after 4.30 adjustment rate thanks
  10. hello can anyone explain adjustments fees for indices , all i know is that after 16:30 GMT long your credited or short debited . Ive only just realised this during last few weeks ,