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  1. good morning is anybody there especially ig employees on here
  2. bizarrely the daily chart on chf pairs is not up to date with current price or with all other time frames
  3. interestingly it dose complicated things though
  4. This applies to other pairs too ,my question is, why is this the case. If holding a spot for a few days would it be an advantage to trade Euro/GBP sell, to reduce overnight fees.
  5. its not good its effected my trading day too
  6. if fact its a valuable point especially with maybe new traders, how one manages their hours whilst trading
  7. true but as you know over trading or been too engrossed may sometimes effect performances ,detachment come back refreshed is good sometimes less is better at times
  8. is this all you do all day , sit in front of a monitor ? nice to do abit of exercise and some fresh air
  9. go and toddle off on your dinner break CaseyNotes
  10. you obviously don' you showing your true colours sir/ madam
  11. fair enough if your a client i have my doubts though
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