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  1. I am also using closing price. I was comparing both with tradingview and ICmarkets. By the way, if the reason is Sundays, is there any way to change how they are handled?
  2. Good morning, I would like to know how technical indicators are compute, in particular the simple moving averages. I am asking this question because I am slowing migrating to the IG platform and I see some differences between your platform and the others that I am using. Just to give an example, if I consider: the USD/CAD forex pair the 200 Days moving average is 1.3172 With other forex brokers the same 200 Days moving average is between 1.3135 and 1.3145 This is a 30 pips difference in the moving average that is difficult to explain for me. At the same the prices are the same, with differences less that 1 pip. This is only one example. I have similar differences with other pairs and timeframes So I am wondering if the computation of moving averages is different or there is something wrong in my platform. I am currently using a demo account and the web platform on google chrome. thanks in advance for your help