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  1. Hi JamesIG, Thanks, relatively new to this and especially new to this behaviour. It never hurts to ask, right. Understood that the consolidation reflects the incorporation of another into the base, effectively dilution of the stock I guess. Because they've had a decent run of late they, MF, took this opportunity to rebase... Cool, best to learn this stuff with a pinch of skin in the game or you never learn. Thank you for taking the time to answer. All the best, Matt
  2. Hi, I would like to know why my 12 Microfocus shares were sold, then 9 were purchased. The Proceeds from the automated sale have not appeared in my account, not withstanding it was not initiated by myself nor was I informed that this might happen. I am seeing a discrepancy between what I expect to have lost and what I have lost. The share price has dipped 4.9% since I purchased the shares, I have however lost about 32%. From an initial purchase totaling £232 at 1858.76 = 12, i now have 9 shares at 1770, the proceeds of the 3 shares at 1770 (£53 or thereabouts) depending on the 30th of April enforced sale price should be in my account should they not? Can you let me know what has happened here? I know they performed a buy back or something like that, however my expectation here is not that I should lose around ~£70 or so of investment as a result of their activity. Kind regards, Matt