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  1. That's totally fine - as long as I can get it on one or other platform I'm happy.
  2. Thanks for that. If you happen upon more info on the third party option can you please pass the info on. I've had a look myself but haven't been able to find much. Many thanks.
  3. Hi. Can anyone tell me how to pull in more price data than currently shows on the charts on either MT4 or IG Trading platform? For example, if I want 1hr price data on USD basket I can only go back as far as April 2019 on the IG online charts. Same with 15min or 4hr. Surely I can scroll back somehow as far back as I want? I typically need to go back 20yrs or so. With MT4, I can do this on some instruments like EURUSD by downloading through the history centre, but taking the USD index as an example again, the furthest I can go download back is Jan 2019. If anyone can help that would be super ap
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