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  1. Thanks for your post. The stock is too small for leverage and not offered for non lev. Sorry for the inconvenience. Charlotte
  2. The request has been made I will let you know when they get back to me. All the best
  3. There were no known issues with this order book yesterday and as long as you have L2 data enabled you should have seen it. If the issue still occurred today let me know and I will get our technical team to investigate. All the best
  4. I will get someone to give you a call on Monday/ Tuesday. All the best
  5. It shouldn't have taken this long. I've reached out to our client facing team to help but they informed me the account is now open. If you need to change any details though you will have to email/ call us. All the best but apologies for the delay.
  6. You can check the margin on the platform by going to the get info section and expanding Margin requirements. Here you can see the first tier is 5% which is 20:1 All the best
  7. Unfortunately not. I've spoken to the team dealing with this and as soon as I have an update I will let you know. All the best
  8. An incident has been made to get this resolved for all client who still wish to use the old platform.
  9. If they're highlighted in red it's because they're special dividends
  10. Sorry to here this. Unfortunately with the leveraged accounts we're not able to transfer them across they have to be closed. All the best and apologies.
  11. Hey, This looks to be on the leveraged platform. Let me know if you need anything else:
  12. With card withdrawals they're transferred immediately. When you're sending money (same as when you get a refund from a shop) the funds take 2-4 working days because they travel through an intermediate. We send the funds out within one working day of receiving your instructions. How long they take after that we don't have control over. The settlement period for shares has nothing to do with IG it's due to the underlying market settlement and handover of shares and money. If you sold shares on Friday, by Tuesday that's T+2. If you were holding US shares they may not be available until
  13. Thanks for your post. Although we offer the refer a friend scheme your friends have to go through out account set up process. If they don't have sufficient earnings/ savings/ experience we can't offer them an account. When you set up a referral your friend has to trade which is making us as a company money. It's not in our best interest to decline referrals. All the best
  14. Thanks for your post. For Spread betting/ CFD you will be able to withdraw funds as soon as you close your positions. For ISAs/ Share dealing : Please know our settlement period works on a T+2 (T+3 for US shares) basis. This means the cash for these shares won't settle on your account the day you sold them but two (three for US shares) working days later. All the best
  15. Thanks for your post. If you select the minute chart can check the time frame you can find the high and low. Also, if you had a short position make sure to check the Ask price. If you had a long position make sure to check the Bid price. If you still think the stop shouldn't have been hit please email us so we can investigate. All the best
  16. Thanks for your post. You can transfer shares from your share dealing account to ISA via the Bed & ISA process, which involves selling the shares and repurchase them on the ISA account. This process can be done over the phone with one of our dealers. It'll cost £40 in commission per line of stock to sell the shares on share dealing account but free of charge to repurchase on the ISA. There will also be spread costs which is capped to roughly £30 per line of stock, however, this is generally cheaper for the majority of stocks. If you're interested in doing so, please call us
  17. Hey, Do you have the name for this charge? You can find it on the history tab in the Live account section in the MyIG page. All the best
  18. Hey @nicknick123, You can check your previous transactions on the MyIG page by selecting Live accounts> Statements/ History. if you're still unsure please reach out to our client facing team so they can break it down. All the best
  19. Hey, Unfortunately we don't have an English platform for people living in Japan. We have some google translation and are looking at this option but unfortunately it's not available yet. All the best
  20. Hey, It may be that the funds need to settle: Please know our settlement period works on a T+2 (T+3 for US stock) basis. This means the cash for these shares won't settle on your account the day you sold them but two ( three for US shares) working days. If this isn't the case, please reach out to our helpdesk so they can assist. All the best
  21. Hey all, Tesco special dividend is actually in GBP , but unfortunately there was an error that payed it in USD instead of GBP.. This is now resolved, we have reversed all USD payment and paid it in GBP again but sorry for the inconvenience and any confusion caused. All the best
  22. Hey, If you already applied you can call us and change your earnings and savings. Please note, we may ask for proof of these changes. All the best
  23. Hey, Thanks for your post. We offer all of these on leveraged accounts. The following are reasons we can't offer it on non-leveraged Hey, this one isn't something we can offer as we don't support these exchanges We do offer This is an exchange we don't support: All the best
  24. We're offering weekly equity options on the platform for some stocks over earning season. Meaning you don't have to call us if you want to trade certain equity options. This week it's Zoom Video Communications Inc. We're also offering Tesla but that will stay on the platform going forward whereas the weekly options will change depending on which week of earnings season we're in. What is an Equity option? Equity options are a form of derivative used exclusively to trade shares as the underlying asset. In essence, equity options work in an extremely similar way to other op
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