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  1. I agree. The latest Android version is no improvement on previous version. One important data field on Positions field for Points (difference between Opening position and Current value) is not available on Android version. Very frustrating.
  2. The switching to Futures dates , I have noticed not always available for the same Instrument. not sure whether it is a bug?
  3. Hi Caseynotes Thanks for your response. Not very obvious. Why not have option on Deal tab to select DFB/Futures and then the Quarter. Above option is not available on shares, unless I am doing something wrong? Also do you know if future expiry dates for are available for far away quarters? Eg Jun-19, Sep-19 Thanks
  4. Hi I have just started trading (spread bets only) again with IG after a decade or so. I must say the old platform (around 2008) was a lot user friendly and more intuitive then the current one. Live pricing not available for shares, When placing a bet for a future on lets say FTSE 100 or a share, I have to place an Order and specify an Expiry Date. On old platform you could specify quarterly futures eg March-19, June-19 etc. There was no daily charge. What I am not sure is whether you get daily charges applied for specifically placing a future bet. Can someone please confirm this for me. Also it would be nice to have the Expiry date as well as Margin Amounts displayed as columns on the Positions tab and not having to click the position and then click on i Thanks